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Fluid-A is an Engineering company with transversal skills both in industrial automation and fluid dynamics design

Since its foundation Fluid-A is System Integrator and Value Added Reseller for National Instruments ™ and our strength is the software implementation with fully customized graphical user interfaces for both  production lines and test benches. Another activity is the design of specific test rigs for R & D departments with the consolidation of an important experience in Real Time  and FPGA based PLC programming, with the integration of analysis, optimization and machine learning algorithms even in the simplest applications.

Fluid-A was founded in 2015 as an innovative startup, after the founding partners gained significant experience working together for several years on the design of components for fluid machines, CFD simulations and energy systems efficiency improvement.

The skills acquired in these different areas allow us to offer integrated solutions for our customers, in design of both fluid dynamics components and measurement systems for performance analysis.

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